Spotify for Mac allows music lovers to listen to songs online free of cost. Spotify Mac download is freely available. Once you have Spotify app for Mac installed, you can start to listen to your favorite tracks without actually buying them.You can even build your own playlist using Spotify and tune into the world of music without being charged. Spotify is a boon for all the music lovers. As live is to breathe, similarly music is to Spotify. With Spotify for Mac listening songs has become so convenient and handy affair. So, don’t think much and download Spotify for mac at earliest to indulge in the music world. To download the Spotify for mac follow the below steps.

Download and install Spotify for mac

For Spotify mac download, here’s all you need to do:

  • Go to Download Spotify page.
  • The installation file launches automatically or you can manually download it. The below window will appear.

Download and install Spotify for mac

  • Locate the downloaded file Spotify.dmg and double-click to mount the disk image or .dmg file. The downloaded file should mostly be in your Downloads folder.
  • Next Drag the Spotify icon to the Application folder shown next to it.

Download and install Spotify for mac_2

  • Next Double-click the Spotify App inside Application Folder.

Download and install Spotify for mac_3

  • The below window appears. Agree by clicking Open.

Download and install Spotify for mac_4

  • Next the Install Spotify window will appear displaying the installation progress bar.

Downloading spotify for mac

  • Once the Spotify installation is complete, click on Spotify icon in the Applications folder.
  • Next a window will appear prompting you to log in. You can log in either using your Facebook account or you also can create a Spotify account. Choose the option comfortable to you.
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Download spotify mac

  • Spotify is installed and stored in your application folder. If you wish to create a link to it in your Dock you can do that just by Clicking and Dragging the icon.

With Spotify platform installed on your Mac,  you can enjoy music over internet free of cost. So hurry up and give it a try!!

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