Skype for Mac provides you flawless video calling experience as compared to Apple’s in-house Facetime App. Main reason skype is preferred platform over Facetime because for using Skype it is not necessarily that product and ID should be Apple. Even Android user can make a video call using Skype to Mac user and vice-versa.
Skype download for Mac is freely available. Once Skype is installed on your device, you can log in with either creating new Skype account or simply with Facebook credentials. Skype helps you send the video message and you can do text chat if somehow your network is not good for video calling or you wish to avoid video call. In the existing call, you can add participants and schedule a call also. Skype makes it easy for everyone from conducting interviews, scheduling meetings to chatting with your near and dear ones. Skype is all-in-one App for communication with a user-friendly interface.

Download & install Skype for mac OS X El Capitan

To download Skype for Mac you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Download Skype page.
  • The below window will appear.Click on Get Skype for Mac.

Download & install Skype for mac OS X El Capitan_1

  • Locate the downloaded file Skype_7.21.350.dmg and double-click to mount the disk image or .dmg file. The downloaded file should mostly be in your Downloads folder.

Download & install Skype for mac OS X El Capitan_2

  • Then, drag the skype icon to your Application Folder shown next to it.

Download & install Skype for mac OS X El Capitan_3

  • Next launch the Skype from your Applications Folder.

Download & install Skype for mac OS X El Capitan_4

  • Then, the below window appears. Agree by Clicking Open.

Download & install Skype for mac OS X El Capitan_5

  • Now, the Skype window will appear you can sign in with your Skype Name and Password if you are existing user, otherwise, you can sign in with Facebook or create an account.
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Download & install Skype for mac OS X El Capitan_6

With Skype, no matter which part of the world you are if you have the internet connection, just go for Skype App and no need to miss job opportunity nor your loved ones.Make a Skype call and enjoy !!!

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