iOS vs android, it’s like a war. Apple and Google and are on the roll these days. The subsequent releases of the latest android and the latest iOS are in hype among the techies and the mobile users a lot recently. Android users are eagerly waiting and expecting a lot of new features in android which will make the experience smoother and exciting. On the other hand, iOS users just blame the android of copying their ideas.

Well, whatever be the case, when it came to me, iOS vs android, I did not see much difference between android and iOS. Let’s analyze it one by one:

iOS vs Android: Difference between Android & iOS

iOS vs android: MultiTasking vs Split Screen view

iOS vs android: Split Screen on iPad half and half

Multi-window support is the latest feature of android which allows you to partition the screen between various running apps and hence provide you the experience of doing multiple tasks at the same time. Hence, it will save your time and increase the productivity.

This feature is a Multi-window support by latest Android and similarly split screen view by the latest iOS.
While working in different apps at the same time you must want to resize the apps according to your usage and ease. This feature is limited in latest iOS where the apps have the restricted size and hence, there is a lack of freedom in resizing the apps. But in the latest Android, it will give you full freedom to resize apps by simply dragging between the driver.

In addition to this, in Android tv sets it automatically arrange the apps working in picture mode while you continue browsing in your browser. The experience of multi-window support become richer when used in the larger screen like tablets where you can easily drag and drop your apps.

In the latest iOS, you can’t really configure split screen view in all apps but in Android, it lets you configure the app according to the needs of the user. But in iOS, you have the additional feature of app switcher from which user can flip between apps like a deck of cards.

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iOS vs android: Notifications difference between Android & iOS

iOS vs android : Notifications center of iOS

Both, the latest Android and the iOS, have launched much new notification enhancement features for the ease of user. Like in Android they have new feature notification enhancement where, unlike the previous version of the Android, a user has the option to reply to messages in notification area only without switching the current app i.e. you can direct reply the messages from the notification only. Besides this latest Android has added features like

  • Avatar and Images where the image attached to it helps you easily recognize who sent you a message or e-mail.
  • Bundled Notification where you can archive whole chats or emails in one go. it’s like tagging the group of emails belonging to the same category.
  • Custom view lets you personalize your notification style in your own way.

Whereas in iOS, it provides you latest feature notification view by most recent where you can see the notifications in organized chronological order. You can easily this feature from the settings. Like the previous iOS in iPhone 6 where you have the circular thumbnail of contacts face in the message now this feature in all iPhone models.

iOS vs android: Settings difference between Android & iOS

Dropping a widget to Do not include list in notifications center in iOS

For a user, it is essential to have settings handy for more convenience and that Android and iOS have met our expectation as always.

In the latest Android features, you have the latest feature of quick settings which is more convenient and fast. It added the feature Pagination where all setting has been paginated which can easily access by swiping left or right. Even user can add, move or replace app just by dragging and dropping them. So you can arrange apps according to need and usage.

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Whereas in iOS, you can search what you want to change in your settings, you can easily search the feature you want to change the settings instead of going through each and every setting.

iOS vs android: Background App Refresh vs Data saver

iOS background App refresh

In the latest Android features, Google has added the feature to restrict the usage of background apps’ data. For Data Saver, Google has taken cues from Windows 10 metered connection to restrict the limit of background app usage i.e. limiting bit rate of streaming, reducing image quality, deferring optimistic caching etc.

Even while roaming, a lot of battery is consumed on the data plans. You can turn on the settings of data saver to save battery on roaming in android.

While Apple is constantly working towards in providing more battery life to trim battery usage as much as possible by ambient and proximity sensors where the phone will automatically sense when the phone is face down on the table and hence prevents the screen from turning on and new low power mode lets you extend the battery life even more.

iOS vs android: Language difference between Android & iOS

How to Change Keyboard layout on iPad (iOS) (2)

Localization of language is the new feature added in the latest android it has a lot of local languages to enrich the bilingual experience of the user and to connect with the new customers. Whereas in the latest iOS, it has new language keyboards for Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu and extended support for Hindi with transliteration and “Hinglish” keyboards.

iOS vs android: New Android’s accessibility enhancements

Accessibility settings iPhone

Latest Android has the all-new feature for the whole new experience for the visually impaired or deaf to let the device behave more interactive and helpful. With this new feature, a user will be provided vision setting directly on the welcome screen to access feature like magnification gesture, display size, font etc.

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Whereas in latest iOS, a user has the new improved Braille screen input which is more responsive in typing Braille as compared to previous versions.

iOS vs android: Calling features

How to allow calls in Do not Disturb in iOS

Latest android has the new features for the incoming calls like rejecting the incoming call, option to allow the call to add in call logs or not and whether to show notification for a call or not. Whereas in latest iOS, it has the feature to directly call from search which is very convenient and easy.

iOS vs android: Number Blocking

Number blocking is the all whole new feature in the latest Android where numbers blocked on calls gets directly blocked on texts and moreover multiple apps can use the same blocked list. The most amazing feature is that once the blacklisted numbers get added in blocked list they persist through system reset and while backup and restore as well. In latest iOS, the number blocking feature is same as the previous one.

iOS vs android: Network Security Configuration

This latest Android gives you the freedom of a secure connection without any modification on original coding. There are various supported features of network security configuration like custom trust anchors which allow the apps to be trusted for the secure connection which certificate authorities authorizes.

Whereas in iOS, the new improved security advances the level of security by strengthening the passcode and making it hard to get unauthorized access to your phone. Apple always works its best to improve the security of its customers.

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