Which are the best Mac apps? Well, that depends upon our uses. Every user might up with his list of must have mac apps. A photographer might come up with a list of most of the photo editor mac apps while on the other hand, a music lover might come up with a list of must have mac apps from music field. So it all depends on the user.
After doing a lot of research, we have finally come up with a list of 10 must have mac apps which are also in the list of best mac apps for mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Capitan.

A list of 10 must have Mac apps: Best Mac apps for you

 1. Google Chrome for mac:

Google Chrome for Mac

Google Chrome is the one of most used browser on all the platforms because it is fast and agile. Another reason to have Google chrome is to we all love surfing the internet and no other browser for a common user does it better than the Google Chrome. So, Surely Google chrome id one of the best mac apps for your mac.

2. Adobe reader for mac:

how to download and install Adobe Reader on Mac OS X_3: best mac apps

Pdf is one of the most used universal document forms. Office as word documents are available differently over the different platforms like MS Word in Windows, Open office in Linux but to read a pdf file, adobe reader for mac remains the same throughout the different platforms. So, after Google Chrome, adobe reader is another best mac apps for you.

3. Free AVG for mac

Download & Install AVG for Mac: best free antivirus for mac_2

After you have a browser with you and also a pdf reader, the third best mac apps you might need on your mac will be an antivirus. Since Apple is known for burning a hole in our pocket so why not go for a free antivirus. When it comes to a free antivirus for mac, no antivirus can beat AVG antivirus and that’s what also makes it to the list of 10 must have mac apps.

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4. VLC for mac

Download VLC media player for mac os x

A list of must have mac apps is not complete without VLC media player. And without any doubt, VLC is one of the best mac apps. The reason behind it is, VLC supports almost an entire list of media files including Audios and videos. And surely no user wants to have different players for different media. So why not go for a universal player and no player is better than VLC media player.

5. uTorrent for mac

install uTorrent for Mac OS X

uTorrent is a lightweight free BitTorrent client developed by BitTorrent Inc. Due to various features of uTorrent and its size being around 1.4MB for Mac OS X, it is used by over 100 millions users worldwide. Its small size is achieved by avoiding usage of various libraries and this software is itself written in C++. These all features and the vast scope of uses by this mac app makes it through the list of the best mac apps.

6. Paragon NTFS for mac

how to download Paragon ntfs for Mac OS X El Capitan_10: A must have mac apps

 The list of must have mac apps would not be complete without Paragon NTFS for mac. The reason being, mac is not the only OS in this world. We see more Windows users around us than the mac users. That also means that we need to share and transfer our data between these two operating systems which is actually a problem. Paragon NTFS for mac solves this problem and eradicates the file format and system boundaries between the Windows and Mac. Thus, Paragon NTFS for mac is one of the best mac apps.

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7. GIMP for mac:

GIMP for Mac OS X : One of the best mac apps

Well, we talked about the list of must have mac apps. In the list of the best mac apps, we covered the apps from different background and functionalities but we missed out a cool and nice app which works the best as a photo editor tool on mac and that’s Gimp for mac.
We all like to make memories and GIMP is another tool to edit your memories in the forms of pictures.

8. Firefox for Mac:

firefox for mac os x

There is a reason behind to include firefox for mac in the list of best mac apps. Some of the features I like more in firefox which is not so much guaranteed in Google chrome are privacy, trust, flexibility and customization.

9. VirtualDJ for mac:

virtualdj for mac: one of the best mac apps

One point we had been missing until now is the fact that mac is one of those operating systems which is used the most by the musicians and artists. And the best way to experience or learn and impress your friends would be VirtualDJ. Also, VirtualDJ is one of the most downloaded mac apps. So it surely makes to the list of best mac apps in terms of its use.

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