We always look for a kind of software that can give us live information without running them every time we want to get the information and that’s when Dashboard Widgets come into the play.Dashboard widgets

So what is a Dashboard Widget?

A Dashboard widget is a little piece of software that sits quietly on your desktop and do gives real-time information. For example, a weather widget gives you information about the weather outside. A timer widget gives you information related to the timings.

Some of the cool stuff that dashboard widgets can do are:

  • Reminding you to carry an umbrella when the weather looks rainy outside.
  • Display chats and messages from the your loved ones on social networking sites
  • Displays the lyrics of your favourite song so that you can hum along with the tune

Widgets help us in so many ways. So, we went back into time and observed how widgets were and how they are now and compiled up a list of the most popular widgets available in the Market. This list also contains some widgets that are not available anymore but they have influenced the Mac widgets in a significant way and need recognition. So, here is the list of-

Most popular Mac desktop widgets of all time:

iStat pro

iStat pro is a must for every geek and Mac power user out there. This system monitoring dashboard widget consists of 9 sections that contain all the important criteria that are needed to make your Mac run smooth. The Widget shows information on CPU, hard drives memory, IP, external IP, bandwidth, battery, CPU temperature, Mac uptime, temperatures and fans condition.

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iTunes lyrics widget

Itunes lyrics widget lets you look for the lyrics of songs being played via iTunes in a floating window. The widget can be customized and can provide you lyrics in different languages ranging from Japanese to German.

Answers Widget

Answers widget or commonly derived from answers.com drawn from Wikipedia, American Heritage Dictionary, Roget’s Thesaurus, and Columbia University Press Encyclopedia as well as maps, company snapshots, stock prices, legal, medical, nutrition, and various quality sources.

Oxford English for mac

When you download Oxford English widget, all the information from the server gets downloaded locally into your Mac so no internet connection is required for this widget to work. Oxford English widget gives you access to Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary of Current English where you can ask anything that you’d have to waste time looking in the dictionary and searching it out.

Temperature Monitor Widget for mac

Temperature monitor widget looks out for all the key temperature changes in your Mac  CPU and displays it so that you can take necessary action if any part like the processor is overheating. You can look the temperature change for things like battery, various locations on the enclosure, the heat sink, hard drive, and each CPU core. So,if you’re a heavy mac user or play heavy games on your Mac, this is a great choice to go for.

CallWave Text messaging Widget:

The Widget sits in your widget screen and lets you SMS anyone in the USA for your carrier rates. The Widget integrates with you Mac Address book and can sync all your contacts. All you have to do is choose a number, type a message and hit send. Later, Callwave gadget was added that lets you send SMS from Google and Yahoo Homepage.

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MySpace One-click widget:

Long before there was no Facebook and Twitter, there was a social network called MySpace and guess what the widget did ? As the name suggests, the widget gave you access to the social network’s cool feature by a single click. The widget notifies you every time you get a message in your inbox. Yes, that’s right, So that you don’t have to log in every time via your browser.

The Weather Channel Mac Widget

You can never forget your raincoat if you get the 36-hour weather forecast right on your screen. The widget takes in your location and shows you the live weather conditions for your location. It also notifies you whenever you get severe weather alerts in your area. It was developed by the Weather channel interactive. It quietly sits in your menu bar and takes care of the rest of the things happening in the universe that make your day.

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