Mac Photo Editor and Photo editing software for mac are some of the most sought-after things mac users look out for. Some of us literally want to get rid of the default photo editing software for mac. Different photo editor for mac come up with different editing capacity and resources but most of them do carry the basic tools for photo editing like cropping, resizing, compressing the picture, setting up the contrast or temperature, picture rotation etc.
However, you might not need all of these features because not all of them are useful for you. Keeping a user’s requirements in view, we have prepared a list of Mac Photo editor from which you can find out the best photo editor for mac.

1. Adobe Photoshop CC for mac: The Best Mac Photo editor

Adobe Photoshop CC for mac: The Best Mac Photo editor

Adobe Photoshop is the best Mac photo editor without any doubt. It has no parallels and rivals in its field. That’s the reason this photo editor mac is being widely used by people like graphic designers, web developers, video editors etc.

Features of Adobe photoshop for Mac:

  • Searching capability within the layers
  • Apply layer styles to groups
  • Define the layer style for various folders
  • More complex effects and filter combinations.
  • Video support

While the basic functionalities like image retouching, realistic painting, and a wide range of enhancements are also there. It is free to try.

2. CorelDraw for mac: Best Mac photo editor for Novice but Paid

Download and Install CorelDraw for mac free_4

If you are not much of a Graphics designer and you just want the basic UI (Besides the complex functionalities as well), CorelDraw for mac is the best photo editing software for you.

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Feature of CorelDraw for mac:

  • Innovative drawing tools
  • A lot of image editing tools and features
  • Vector animation software
  • Easy and very Interactive tools
  • Live effects
  • Web Image Optimizer and Web publishing (Might come handy if you are a blogger like me).
  • Built-in PDF output
  • Exotic color management

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3. Gimp for mac: Best free mac photo editor

GIMP for Mac OS X

Gimp for mac can be said as the best free rival for Photoshop and Coreldraw photo editing software for Mac. Gimp has been very popular with people running Linux and is now available for Mac.

Features of Gimp for mac:

  • Free yet powerful
  • Look-alike to Photoshop
  • Adjustable interface
  • Automated processes for editing a large number of image files like resizing, compressing, renaming etc.

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4. Apple iPhoto for mac: Default Photo editor for mac

Apple iPhoto for mac: Default Photo editor for mac

iPhoto is the default photo editing software for mac. Just like the branding of Apple, iPhone has got an awesome user interface like Mac OS X and also its functionalities are similar to the operating system. But this a paid app.

Feature of iPhoto for mac:

  • full-screen view
  • Option to share photos and upload directly on social media like Facebook Timeline and even view friends’ comments right there.
  • Works with iCloud Photos so your photos are with you anywhere you go,
  • Make a collage and add dynamicity to your photos.

5. ACDSee Pro

ACDsee pro for mac

ACDSee Pro is free to try tool with just the basic functionalities. For full functionalities, you have to buy the pro version.

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Features of ACDSee Pro:

  • Optimized for retina display
  • Quickly scan your photo library
  • Preview folder
  • Batch files supported
  • Boost dull colors and underexposed areas and make finer adjustments like other apps

6. Graphic Converter for mac:

Graphic Converter for mac:


Graphic converter for mac is a free to try photo editing software. People often complain of its too basic user interface but if you want no complexity and you need just the basic functionalities, this is the perfect app for you.

Features of Graphic converter for mac:

  • More than 200 different compatible formats
  • Around 80 output formats
  • Basic functionalities like cropping, rotation, adjust brightness, saturation, sharpness etc.
  • Batch conversions

7. Picasa for mac: Google’s free Photo editor for mac

Picasa for mac: Google’s free Photo editor for mac


If you love Google and you have recently switched over to mac then chances are higher that you must have encountered Picasa before. And the best part is Picasa is also available for mac as a photo editing app

Feature of Google Picasa:

  • Easily usable even for the less experienced users. So it’s more favorable for the new mac users.
  • Includes basic photo editing tools like crop, apply effects etc.
  • One of the most notable features of Picasa is facial recognition. You can tag an individual in your phoo.
  • Simple integration with Google services

8. Photoscape: A Free mac photo editor

Download and Install Photoscape for mac free_7

PhotoScape for Mac is a photo viewing as well as photo editing software designed for Mac OS X.. It comes with some of the coolest features for which you might want to give it try.

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Features of Photoscape for mac:

  • Rotate, resize, Crop, Adjust color temperature
  • Different photo effects like bloom, vignette, blur, sepia, greyscale, black and white
  • Auto effects like Auto Level, Auto Contrast,
  • Backlight Correction
  • Photo Browser, Full Screen Viewer
  • Sharing on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr etc.
  • and many more features.

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9. Apple Aperture:

apple aperture

Apple Aperture is comparatively a newer photo editing software for mac but it is making a lot of hype all around and people are going mad after this mac photo editor. However, Apple aperture for mac is not a free software. You will have to pay $99 if you want to try it and if you want to upgrade it then you have to have $199.

Features of Apple Aperture:

  • Face recognition
  • Geo tagging
  • video support
  • Metadata management

10. Pixelmator for mac:

Pixelmator for mac

Even being a personal photo editor, Pixelmator for mac is not lesser than a professional photo editor for mac. This is a free to try photo editor for mac.

Features of Pixelmator for mac:

  • Wide range of effects
  • Painting and drawing
  • layers
  • Color correction
  • Smoother

Our Recommendation:

  • If you are looking for a Paid app for professional designing then Adobe Photoshop is best for you
  • If you are looking for a Paid app for personal designing then Coreldraw is the best mac photo editor software for you.
  • If you are looking for the best Free Photo editor for mac then Gimp for mac is the best app for you.

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