Mac users often ask for how to see or manage saved passwords in Safari like in Chrome or firefox web browser. OS X’s and iOS’s in-house web browser Safari save your usernames and passwords on your machine to ease logging into your web accounts. This is often referred to caching. But sometimes there is also a need to delete the saved passwords in Safari for some security purpose.

MAC users can select “Passwords” under Preferences menu to delete it and for iOS to delete the saved passwords, simply go to Settings menu and then clear your Autofill info.

Safari also gives the autofill feature that makes managing the login credentials for most visited sites very convenient. To enable autofill on your MAC just Open “Safari” menu and click “Preferences” then select “AutoFill“. Check the “User names and passwords” option. When it comes to clearing the saved passwords from your device, here’s all you need to do.

How to Manage saved Passwords in Safari on Mac

  • Go to Safari Menu and Select Preferences tab under it.

Manage saved Passwords in Safari

  • Click on Passwords under the Preference menu.

Manage saved Passwords in Safari

  • Select the websites for which you wish to remove your saved password from Safari. Click on Remove button. As soon as you click Removeconfirmation dialog box appears. Click “Remove” if you still wish to remove else press “Cancel.”


Once you are done with removing the credentials, you can check by browsing the site. Now you won’t be able to see auto filled credentials.

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Once you open the site and you try to log in, Safari would not autofill the saved password itself. On the other hand, it might show you the username but never the saved password.

Additionally, you can view the saved passwords by checking the “Show passwords for selected websites” at the bottom of the pop-up. And also, you can add new details (website URL, username & password) by hitting “Add” button.

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