iOS Split screen on iPad allows iPad multitasking that means you can use your iPad like a mini laptop or computer. iPad multitasking using split screen on iPad was one of the most sought after features of the iOS 9.0. Users are saying that for the first time the true meaning of multitasking was achieved.

However, before we proceed with the iPad multitasking and iOS split screen, you need to know that not all the iPad models support it. Here is a list of iPad models supporting iOS split screen and multitasking are:

  • iPad mini 2 and later iPad mini models
  • iPad air and late iPad air models
  • iPad pro models

Some other notes about iOS Split screen on iPad and multitasking:

  • At least one app should be open in the foreground
  • It does not work on home screen (Even if all the apps are open but are in background)
  • Not all the apps support split screen but most of them do

How to use split screen on iPad & do iPad Multitasking:

  • Open some apps and keep them in the background and come to the Home screen

iPad Mini 4 Home screen

  • Now open an app, say Google Chrome, and Keep that in foreground and swipe from the right edge of the screen towards left as shown in the picture below

To use Split screen on iPad swipe from right edge towards left

  • Once you swipe, you will see the split screen view on iPad covering one-third of the iPad screen. As shown in the picture below. In case you see only one is open in Split screen then keep reading further, you will get the solution. This mode is called “Slide over” mode. In this mode, you can see the app open on the left side is grayed out.
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Split screen on iPad and Multitasking


  • You can also scroll through these apps and open an app in split screen on iPad to do multitasking. In this case, let’s open Google Maps in the split screen view. (As you can see in the above picture that we have Google Maps in the iPad Split view)

Split screen on iPad

  • As you see in the above picture that we have Google maps and Google Chrome opened side by side. You can also extend or adjust the Split screen view for that you need to press and pull the button Marked in the Image below.

Adjust Split screen view on iPad

  • And it will adjust the Split screen view to the half. This mode is called Split view iPad. So Now, Google Chrome and Google Maps in Split screen view on iPad would look something like this:

Split Screen on iPad half and half

  • Similarly, you can drag in the reverse direction to adjust to the one-third of the screen. Note that Split screen on iPad and multitasking supports only one-third or half of the screen.
  • If you want to open some other apps in the split screen view then hold the button at the top and drag it down as shown in the picture below and That will open up all the other apps in the split Screen view. Sometimes it also happens that in Split screen view, instead of all the apps listed, we see a particular app open. So, follow the same step to see all the apps.


Split Screen view and Multitasking on iPad device


And After…

Split screen on iPad and Multitasking

 Now enjoy iOS split screen on iPad and iPad multitasking 🙂

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