These days every MAC or pick any laptop comes with huge hard disk space whether it be 500 GB or 1 TB. But still space is limited and you will want to check free disk space on mac. Also, at one point or another you will ask yourself; how much space do I have on my local storage left? To answer your question, we provide you below method to easily locate the location where you can check memory consumed and availability on your Mac.

How to check Free Disk Space on Mac 10.7 or later

  • Select “About This Mac”  from Apple menu.

check Free Disk Space on Mac

  • “About This Mac” will show you the overview of your MAC where you can check basic details about your MAC like model number, processor, memory, Graphics, Serial Number etc.

check Free Disk Space on Mac

  • Click on “Storage” tab. The below window will pop up.

check Free Disk Space on Mac

From the above window, you can analyze hard drive space that is being utilized by photos, movies, and other apps. Apparently this information helps you delete the files which you don’t want when your drive is approximately full or at the time of cleanup.

How to check Free Disk Space on Mac 10.6 or earlier

Unfortunately, earlier versions do not provide a partitioned view of disk space on MAC. But if you are using Mac 10.6 or earlier here’s all you need to do to check available hard drive space.

  • Go to Finder and Open new Finder window. In case, the hard drive is not present in Finder sidebar go to Finder –>Preferences
  • Select the Hard Disks option under Finder Preferences menu.
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check Free Disk Space on Mac

  • Switch to Finder again and select hard drive from Finder sidebar. Then select Get Info from the file menu.

how to check Free Disk Space on Mac

  • The below window appears displaying all the Hard Disk information.

how to check Free Disk Space on Mac OS X

Additionally, hard drive space can be viewed from disk utility under Utilities App in Applications also. It provides the sleek view of the disk space consumed by various Apps, Photos etc.

check Free Disk Space on Mac

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