Imagination and Apprehension“, If these two specific words tickle you then Minecraft is the game for you. Minecraft for MAC is a legendary game which gives you a basic, old-fashioned pixel based level ground with the only ability to carve out resources from the surrounding land.

Minecraft has a phenomenal feature which is; it does not have a specific goal to meet or a plot to follow. This enables your imagination to flow and build megastructures with the help of basic building blocks. Even though the graphics are not upgraded since the inception of this game still it hits the right tune on the subject of creation. Hence, saddle up, ride the horses of your imagination and install download Minecraft for mac for free.

Download Minecraft for Mac Free

Download Minecraft for MAC free

The installation of Minecraft for mac requires Java for Mac installed as a pre-requisite. If not the case don’t worry installation package of Minecraft will prompt you to download the same. Below window will pop up if Java is not installed then you can click on More Info and it will redirect you to Java download page. Download and install the Java software and then continue installing Mac Minecraft.

Download free Minecraft for Mac_11

To download Minecraft for mac, here are the steps you need to follow:

Download Minecraft for Mac Free

  • Locate the downloaded file Minecraft.dmg and double-click to mount the disk image or .dmg file. The downloaded file should mostly be in your Downloads folder.

Download free Minecraft for Mac_3


  • Now, Drag the Minecraft icon inside Applications folder on right.
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Download Minecraft for Mac Free

  • Go to Application and Double -Click Minecraft.
  • The below window appears. Agree by Clicking Open.

Download free Minecraft for Mac_4

  • Next, the Minecraft Launcher window pops-up as shown below.

Download free Minecraft for Mac_6

  • Monitor the window you will see in few seconds the Minecraft Launcher window with Login credentials UI. If you are an already registered user then click on Login button else click on Register.

Download Minecraft for Mac Free

Download free Minecraft for Mac_8

  • Next, you can search Minecraft under Applications and double-click it.

Download free Minecraft for Mac_9

  • Now you can log in and start with Play Minecraft Demo on Mac (it lasts only for 5 in-game days that accounts to 1hour and 40 minutes) or buy full version by visiting Minecraft Store.

Download free Minecraft for Mac_10

 Enjoy!!! Happy MineCraft Playing 🙂

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