Currently, there is no direct app or inbuilt app on iPad which allows you to record your iPad screen. However, you can record your iPad screen using QuickTime player. So, here are the steps on-

How to Record your iPad Screen using QuickTime Player:

  1. Connect your iPad to Mac and trust or allow your device

    Trusting your iPad on mac
  2. Launch QuickTime Player. Go to ‘File’ and choose ‘New movie recording’

    Record your iPad screen
  3. Select the drop down arrow from the red record button and choose iPad.

    Record your iPad screen
  4. Your iPad will appear on your mac screen.
  5. Start recording your iPad by clicking the red record button
  6. Click the same red record button to stop recording the iPad screen.
  7. Save the recording.

And now you are done.

The recording file is saved in .mov format. Using Screen recording, you can also mirror your iPad or iPhone on your mac devices. This mirroring of the screen can be used to record games and other stuff that you do on your iPad on your mac book.

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