Too many iPad apps icons could be a nightmare in using your iPhone wanting you to hide apps icon in iPhone. They make the home screen looks occupied and busy. Easy and light home screen truly looks beautiful and gives a feel of using your iOS device once again. Here are the steps on-

How To Hide iPad Apps Icon:

  1. Hold any app on your home screen until it starts wigglingHold an app icon until it wiggles
    2. Drag the icon over to another icon as if creating a new folderDrag the icon over to another icon as if creating a new folder
    3. Once iOS starts creating a folder, drag the icon towards in the dockHide ipad Apps Icon

You can still use this app after searching form SEARCH option in ipad. This solution to hide/disappear app is temporary as soon as you will restart your ipad apps will reappear again but you if don’t shut down ipad frequently then the trick is just amazing to hide app icons.

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