MixCloud is music/audio streaming service which allows its users to listen and distribute radio shows, sets, podcasts and music created by local Djs. You can upload as much audio content you wish on the Mixcloud, but you can distribute and promote your content using its own social networking widget.

Mixcloud does not allow you to download its audio content directly from its site, however there are other third party web applications which allows you to download music, audio songs, dj mixes, sets and podcasts directly from mixcloud server.

Audio/music files in Mixcloud are available in MP3 or m4a format (files with .m4a extension means that they are audio only MPEG-4 files).

How to download Mixcloud audio:

  1. Go to mixcloud.com, browse the audio content and open that audio track in new tab.
  2. Copy the link/url of audio track from address bar of your browser.

    download from mixcloud

  3. Go to Mixcloud Downloader, paste that link and click on “Download” button.

    Mixcloud downloader by 99downloader.com


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