Best Torrent for mac? Which torrent can be termed as the best torrent client for mac?
Well, we are all tired of unwanted advertisements, toolbars which slow our downloading speed. So as a Mac user, downloading should be smooth with no advertisements and toolbars. This  gives us a high downloading speed. So here are the Best Torrent For Mac Os X for fast and free downloads.
While downloading anything from the torrent, there are clients called torrent clients which enables you to download torrent files and magnetic links which further helps you to download various files and to share them over the internet. So a good torrent client in Mac bit torrent should be easy and quick to use.
Usually torrent files are large in size thus take a lot of time to download so a torrent client for mac should be free from unnecessary ads and toolbar as well as any kind of malware in your system so it is required a smooth downloading without any hassle. Here is a list of the Best Torrents for Mac:

1. µTorrent for mac: Best torrent client for mac

install uTorrent for Mac OS X

µTorrent is the most popular and the best bit torrent client for Mac Os X. It is supported by BitTorrent Inc. and it is an official BitTorrent client makes it completely free to use. It is best because it is lightweight around 1Mb, fast, reliable and easy to use.Addition to this it allows to start, pause and stop downloading

In addition to this, µTorrent allows to start, pause and stop downloading anytime according to your convenience, allows you to sequentially download various files according to your wish and priority as well as it provides support for encrypted files and remote control via mobiles and much more features make it whole as a best u torrent client. It is perfect to download movies, TV shows, games, music and it is absolutely free.

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2. BitTorrent for mac: Second best torrent client for mac

BitTorrent client logo

BitTorrent for mac is the second best torrent client of mac after µTorrent. The current BitTorrent interface is much cleaner and more useful than its previous versions.  BitTorrent does deliver on what it promises. Features like automatic port mapping and local peer discovery are some of the awesome features of BitTorrent. However, it is little slower in Response which makes it to the second list of the best torrent client for mac.

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3. Transmission for mac

Transmission for mac

Transmission is another best and simple torrent client available in the market licensed under GNU GPL for Mac. It is very lightweight and mostly used in OS X machine, Linux boxes etc. Being lightweight it provides smooth and fast downloading and runs quietly in the background with or without the user interface.

Like µTorrent it can also be managed remotely via mobiles and allows additional features like download scheduling, port forwarding, encryption and as well as provide system notification for completed downloads.

4. Vuze for mac

Vuze torrent downloader for mac

Vuze BitTorrent client for mac is the free, full-featured reincarnation of the popular BitTorrent client which was known as Azureus before. Azureus was an app for finding and watching video content that could be downloaded via torrent files. When compared with other BitTorrent clients for mac, Vuze has a much richer interface in tune with iTunes. Vuze torrent for mac can browse the “Vuze HD Network” for videos. Downloading through Vuze client for mac is excellent and fast with a plenty of control. For someone new to torrents downloading, Vuze could be a great, easy introduction.

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5. qBitTorrent for mac

qBitTorrent for mac

qBitTorrent is a lightweight, cross-platform and easy to use torrent client for faster downloading. It is easy to use and operate without any ads, toolbars, and malware. It has many unique features like sending an email when the download is completed, searching files without going into a specific folder, it allows web-based remote control, port forwarding and many other amazing features.

6. Deluge torrent downloader

bittorrent mac yosemite

Deluge is one of the oldest torrent clients and the classics. It is one of the best torrents for Mac. Being old, it is stature as compared to other torrent clients. It provides features of password protection, bandwidth scheduling, remote management, encrypted downloads and lot of other features. It is completely free and also free of ads and unwanted plug-ins. These Torrent clients are just amazing to use, rescue you from any kind of spams and best part is they are absolutely free. So download these Torrent clients and experience the joy of fast downloading speed with no worry of malware in the system.

These Torrent clients are just amazing to use, rescue you from any kind of spams and the best part is they are absolutely free. So download these Torrent clients and experience the joy of fast downloading speed with no worry of malware in the system.

7. MediaGet for mac

Mediaget torrent client for mac

MediaGet for mac is a wonderful torrent client software for mac. It has the facility for searching and downloading media files. It uses open sources for search and helps you to download the files. This torrent client for mac also has integrated media player, which allows you to watch movies and listen to music online.

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8. XTorrent for mac

xtorrent for mac

Xtorrent makes torrents super easy. You can search through Xtorrent using keywords to search across the web. It shows the results ranked by quality. You can even browse the contents of search results before you download.

9. Tomato Torrent for mac: A Mac torrent client

Tomato torrent for mac

Here are some of the features of the Tomato Torrent for mac:

  • Built on BitTorrent 4.2
  • Remembers recent downloads and there download folder
  • Easy resume and pause
  • Auto-stop on metered connection
  • Set an upload rate
  • Supports AppleScript

Editor’s recommendation: As shown in the list above, the µTorrent and BitTorrent client are the best torrent for mac.

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