Apple has left it users stunned with the release of  iOS 9.3. One of the most talked iOS 9.3 features is the Night Shift mode. Apart from Night shift mode, there are other iOS 9.3 features which are also being talked about like enhanced car play, better privacy for Notes app, improvements to Health Kit, News, and dedicated education section.
ios 9.3 features

Apple iOS 9.3 Features:

Currently, the beta version od iOS 9.3 is out for apple users for testing. Let’s have a brief glance at all the features.

Night Shift Mode

We all problems of sleeping late in the night when we are playing around with our devices. Night shift mode is one of the brand-new iOS 9.3 features introduced by Apple that would not let you play with your devices for long. Because it supports smart screen filtering. Smart screen filtering is an integral part of the Night shift mode in iOS 9.3. Apart from smart screen filtering, other technology which Apple employs to track your night activity is your local time and geolocation. Based on local time and geolocation, Apple tracks your place sunset times and shift the colors of your display to warmer end of the spectrum. This shifting of display color to the warmer end of spectrum is called smart screen filtering. It makes it easier on your eyes when we look at the warmer end. While returning to normal in the morning, it returns to the same end of the spectrum i.e. blue.

night shift mode iOS 9.3 features

Scientifically, Blue light short wavelength suppresses hormone melatonin thus interfering  sleep cycles and                   keeping us awake. warmer colors are preferred as it aid melatonin production leading to improved sleep cycles.

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Notes app on iOS 9.3 is more like a vault for your secrets. This app is mainly made to store all of your confidential information like financial details, website login passwords, medical information and much more. Notes app also lets you sort your saved information based on different criteria like information saved, based on date created, date modified and alphabetically as well. It makes it easier for the user to further use this App.

iOS 9.3


Apple recently came into the News field and since then, it has been trying to improve upon more and more. Apple describes its news as “beautiful content from the world’s greatest sources, personalized for you”. Well, that’s the case with all the news sites. Like other news sources, apple also lets you choose your sources of news like printing house or some news websites etc. It also keeps on suggesting you trending topics, editor’s pick etc. The story containing video can be viewed  directly from the feed. Latest stories appear much faster on checking updates. Now on your iPhone, everything can be viewed in landscape.

iOS 9.3 features news app


In any of the Mobile operating systems, health apps come integrated with the OS. This time, with iOS 9.3 as well, health app comes integrated. Most of us like to use health app from a third party vendor. These third party vendor apps make it difficult to track the right amount of health data for us because they do not have proper access to our data. Health app on iOS 9.3 makes it possible. It also displays our exercise, move and stand data, as well as your goals, as well from Apple Watch.

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Education App

The reshaping of education can be done by technology and Education section is at the soul of iOS 9.3. With powerful iOS 9.3 features and apps on iPad open up new and more interesting ways of learning. The ‘Classroom’ app which permits a teacher to control all the iPads of the students in their class and also jump to individual student’s iPads to monitor work by sighting students screen. While ‘Apple School Manager’ is  center for teachers to gather courses, buy class books and apps, track individual iPads and many more.

It also supports iPad multi-user which facilitates students to login in any iPad and get full access to their apps, documents ,books and places them exactly where they left off. ‘Photo ID’ will showcase the student’s picture once they have logged in to fake out iPads getting mixed up throughout the class.For young students a more basic version accessed with a simple four digit PIN is provided.

 ios 9.3 features education app



Well, this might be another Apple’s strategy to tap the potential market of the car segments. With iOS 9.3 feature release, CarPlay App of iOS 9.3 is loaded with features like songs from Apple Music. Nearby feature in Maps to locate parking spot, restaurant, coffee shop etc. I think this is just a copy of Google maps. Apple has also listed out all the compatible cars. There are over more than one hundreds from different car companies. The list of compatible cars are also from different 21 manufacturers which includes car model of 2016 and 2017. Some of these car companies supporting CarPlay app are Audi, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Volkswagen etc.

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