“Shot from iPhone 6”- We have seen this picture almost everywhere over internet or over hoardings. Yes, iPhone 6 has one of the best phone cameras available at the moment in its price range. One of the coolest features of iPhone 6 that I find amazing is timelapse video and brightness control along with the video. Here are the ways on how to make a timelapse video in iPhone 6 and how to adjust the brightness in the video:

Step 1: Open your camera and tap on Video mode.


camera in iphone 6

Camera opens click on “Video” to the left

Step 2: Scroll video mode to the right  until you find “Time-Lapse” video mode

Time lapse video mode in iPhone 6

Step 3: To record a video, tap on the red button as shown in the picture above.

How to adjust brightness in a time-lapse video on your iPhone?

Just remember that brightness cannot be controlled when the time-lapse video is in progress. However, before making a video, you can adjust the Brightness of your video. Here are the steps to adjust brightness of your time-lapse video on your iPhone.

Step 1: Before making a time-lapse video, tap anywhere on the screen and you will see a square and a brightness sign as shown in the picture below

Brightness option on iPhone

Step 2 : Drag up or down along the brightness sign to increase brightness or decreae it respectively. For reference, see the picture below.


This is how you control the brightness of your time-lapse video.

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