In Layman’s terms, there are two kinds of apps on iOS 9.2: Trusted apps and untrusted apps. Based on the verification of an app, iOS allows you to run the app. If unable to run an app on iPhone, you will have to manually verify app on iPhone.

What are trusted and untrusted apps?

So there are two kinds of apps that run on iOS broadly, one is verified app and another one is unverified app. A verified app is like the app which has been already verified by Apple and needs to manual verification on your iOS device.

On the other hand, an unverified app is something like your personal app which you want to run on any of the iOS devices. So, when these apps are installed on iOS devices, they needs to be verified before being run on the devices.

A trusted app in iOS 9.2 is an app which has been installed using Mobile Device Management (MDM) or through the iOS app store. Apps which are mostly installed manually are not verified by iOS. Most of these apps are enterprise apps which are run internally in a company or by iOS developers.

If your app which you might be trying to install manually is untrusted here are the ways on

How to Manually verify app on iPhone:

  1. Install the app on your iOS device. When you install the app, the apple will show you the warning that your app is not trusted. You can ignore that warning. The warning looks like this:

    Untrusted app warning iOS apple

  2. Go to Settings

    iPhone settings

  3. Tap on “General”

    General settings iPhone

  4. Tap on “Device and profile management” under General settings

    Profile and device management settings iOS 9 on Apple iPhone

  5. Under Device and Profile management settings, you will see your app profile listed. Tap on the app to verify the trust of the app.

    Manually verify app on iPhone

  6. Step 6: Once tapped on the app profile in step 5, you will be prompted to confirm your choice. Confirm it and your app is trusted on your iOS device now.

    Manually verify app on iPhone

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There could be a case when there could be more than one app from the same developer. In this case, all the apps from the same developers will get verified. However, once you delete all the apps from the same developer, the developer’s trust on that iOS device will be revoked and you might have to follow the same set of instructions next time.

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