Spotlight search on iPhone is a feature which assists a user in searching entirely through the iPhone or iPad including your mails, music, photos, applications, contacts etc. Any search term which is not found in the iPhone or iPad is basically searched through in three web locations:

  • Search web
  • Search App Store
  • Search Maps

Here are the steps on-

How to use spotlight search on iPhone?

  1. Go to the Home screen and keep dragging the home screen right. When you cannot drag the screen anymore, you will see the spotlight at the top.

    Spotlight iPhone

    spotlight search on iphone

  2. Use the keyboard to type in something you are looking to search for or use the speaker option to speak

    spotlight iphone

In the above case, we searched for apple tv in spotlight. Spotlight searched on entire iPhone and it suggested some mails which contained apple tv word.

Let’s see what happens when the search term is not found in iPhone or iPad.

spotlight iphone

In the above case, we searched for macosxbits in spotlight. This term was not found so spotlight suggested us to look into three web options as mentioned in the beginning of the post. If you click on “Search web”, Apple will redirect you to the google search engine.

google search

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