Most of the smartphones comes with a camera which can capture pictures in Panorama mode. But most of the pictures taken are in the direction of the clockwise. With iphone 6 the advantage is that you can take the picture in clockwise as well as in anticlockwise direction using the iPhone 6 camera. By default, iPhone 6 Panorama mode works in clockwise direction. Here are the steps on how to use iPhone camera in Panormaic mode clockwise and anticlockwise:

Step 1: Turn on the iPhone camera and tap on Panorama mode at the bottom. If you do not see the Panorama mode, you need to scroll horizontally a bit to see that mode at the bottom of the screen.

iPhone Panorama mode anti-clockwise

Step 2: Taking picture clockwise in Panorama mode in iPhone 6

By default, the iPhone 6 camera takes picture in clockwise in Panorama mode. As seen in the picture in Step 1.

Step 3: Tap on the Right end of the Panorama mode guiding line. And the Panorama mode direction reverses from clockwise to Anticlockwise.

iPhone Panorama mode anti-clockwise (1)

Now enjoy taking pictures in both the directions from your iPhone. If you want to reverse back to the clockwise Panorama mode, just tap on the left end of the Panorama mode picture guiding line.

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