Git is distributed revision control system with features like data integrity, speed, support for distributed  & non linear workflows. As of now Git is most widely used version control system for application/software development. Git keeps complete history and has full version tracking capabilities. Git is free software & distributed under GNU GPL.

Git comes preinstalled in Mac OS X, but its version may not be latest, so you should upgrade to the latest version of Git.

If you installed xcode, then git will already be installed during xcode installation and if you run the command to check its version you’ll see something like “git version 1.9.3 (Apple Git-50)”.

Please follow these simple steps to update your git to latest version. These steps work on OS X Yosemite & OS X El Capitan (or any other OS X ).

  1. First method

    1. Download the latest and stable version of Git from its official website.
    2. Double click the downloaded “git-2.*.dmg” file to open it.
    3. Now right click (two finger tap) on the .pkg icon and open with installer.
    4. Open your Terminal and type the following command
      sudo nano ~/.profile

      and add the following line and then close the file by “control + O” & “control + X”

      export PATH="/usr/local/bin/git:$PATH"
    5. Now restart your mac and then run command “git –version”, and you’ll get the latest version number.

  2. Second Method(using homebrew)

    1. Install “Homebrew”, if you don’t have it installed on your mac(see how to install Homebrew).
    2. Open your terminal and run this command
      brew install git
    3. Add the git location to your path. To do that open ~/.profile file, by typing the following command
      sudo nano ~/.profile
    4. Add the git path and then close the file
      export PATH="/usr/local/bin/git:$PATH"
    5. Now restart your mac and check the git version.
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If you have any issues while upgrading git, please do post comments

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