Predictive text feature whether on iOS or on Android helps us a lot in typing text messages, chatting, composing emails and using online searches. Predictive search feature does machine learning and based on your typing and patterns of your words’ uses predicts some words which you might want to type.

Along with the predictive texts feature on iOS, there are also some other features which can be used along with the predictive texts to enhance your text typing experience. Some of those features are Auto-Correction, check spelling etc. Here are the steps on

How to turn on Predictive text on iPhone like android:

  1. Go to settings.

    iPhone settings

  2. Go to “General” under settings. Look for “Keyboards”setting under General.

    General settings iPhone

  3. Tap on Keyboards setting to turn on the keyboards settings that you need like Predictive, check-spelling, Auto-correction etc. Refer the screenshot below for the same.

    turn on Predictive text on iphone

Enjoy the predictive text on your iPhone now.

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