When we scroll down the screen from top to bottom, we see notifications on out iOS device like iPad. These notifications sometimes are not ordered. Notifications on iPad can sometimes be not arranged. It makes some unwanted notifications to appear first in the list and some wanted notifications to appear down the list. Here are the steps on How to manage, turn off and Sort notifications on your iOS device like iPhone and iPad:

First of all note that all the notifications cannot be turned off at the same time. Notifications in iOS 9.2 should be turned off one by one application wise.  

  1. Go the ‘settings’ of your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad and tap on ‘Notifications’

    Settings iPad

  2. To turn off the notifications in iOS 9.2, click on any of the Apps listed down to the right like App Store, FaceTime, Maps, Mail etc. In this case, we are going to tap on App Store because we want to turn the notifications off from App Store.

    Turning off or on the App store notifications in iOS

  3. To completely turn off the notifications from App store, Go to ‘Allow Notifications’ and scroll it to the left. Once you scroll it to the left and notifications will get off that means for app store there will be no sound, messages or any kind of intimation. If you want to manage partially, you should adjust the three parameters given below ‘Allow Notifications’.

  4. Notifications turned off for App store on iPad

  5. To sort the notifications according to your choice, Go to Settings and tap on Notifications as shown in Step 1 above.

  6. Tap on ‘Sort Order’ under the Notifications settings. By default, it will be ‘recent’. If you want to sort it according to your choice, Tap on ‘Manual’. It will list out all the Apps.

    Sorting notifications in iOS 9.2

  7. To Sort the apps order according to your choice, Press and hold the three parallel opposite to all the listed apps and order them up or down in the order of notifications you want to receive.

    Sorting apps manually in iOS

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If you want messages or mail to be shown first in the notification center, press & hold and scroll them to the top. Now enjoy your new improved notifications center in your iOS.

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