iOS notifications are shown on the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad in the notifications center. When we scroll the screen from top to bottom, Notifications center shows up. There are two types of notifications on iOS devices:

  • Notifications from the apps like Notifications from Amazon shopping app, Google Chrome, Asphalt 8 game etc. Basically, these apps are installed manually or do not come inbuilt on the iOS device.
  • Notifications from the widgets like the reminder, alarm clock, calendar etc.

Some of these notifications could be annoying and unwanted also. For example, I do not use many notifications from the find friends app, Public transport nearby etc. So whenever I scroll through the notification center, I waste my time searching for the wanted notifications among the unwanted ones. Here are the steps on-

How to manage iOS notifications center widget view on iPad:

  • Scroll the down the notification center. (Or on your iOS screen from top to bottom) and click on the ‘Edit’ as marked in the picture.

    Notifications center iOS

  • After clicking on the ‘Edit’ the screen will show you notifications center edit option. You will basically see three categories, namely:
    • Today view
    • Widgets view
    • Do not include

Notification center iOS Edit Widget

  • There are two ways in which you can remove an apps notifications from the notifications center. Press and Hold the three bars to the right in front of an app name and drop that App in the ‘Do Not Include’ list.
Dropping a widget to Do not include list in notifications center in iOS


managing notifications in notifications center in iOS


You can clearly see in the previous two pictures that from ‘Widgets view’ section, I moved all the apps to ‘Do not Include’ section.

  • Another way to do manage Manage iOS Notifications Center Widget is to remove an app from a section by pressing  red circle to the left of an app. Refer the image below for the reference.
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Removing an app from the notifications center

Once you click on the red circle to the left, a ‘Remove’ button will appear to the right. Just click on that to remove notifications from that app.

So finally, I removed all the apps from the iOS Notifications Center Widget except the Asphalt game. Now my notifications center looks like this upon scrolling on the screen from top to down. Only Asphalt 8 notifications are there on my screen and all other annoying notifications are gone now.

Notifications Center Widget

If you want to manage the notifications from different apps individually, Here is a link to manage individual notifications from different apps.

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