iPhone Diagnostic and Usage data reports are a way of collecting reports and logs from Apple device including iPhone and iPad. These reports once shared with the Apple, helps Apple in improving the quality and performance of its iOS devices. Besides, this Apple also evaluates the performance and failure of different iOS Apps running on iOS device like iPhone and iPad. These logs are collected at the user’s end and sent routinely to the Apple.

These iPhone Diagnostic and Usage data include report like system performance, memory leak information, App crashing in the background and operating system information. An iOS end user has an option to share its diagnostic report automatically to Apple or else it can also be turned off. Here are the steps on

How to manage iPhone Diagnostic and Usage data reports log:

  1. Go to Settings of your iOS device

    Setting ioS

  2. Tap on ‘Privacy’ under settings

    Privacy iOS

  3. Tap on “Diagnostic and Usage” under Privacy settings

    iPhone Diagnostic and Usage

Here, you will see the option like sending the report logs to Apple. If you want you can choose the option to share your Diagnostic & Usage report to iOS app developers. If you want to further explore, how does the Diagnostic report look like? you can also tap on “Diagnostic & Usage data“. Here you will the log report files. These logs are mostly crash logs of an app.

If you want, you can also remove these crash report files from your iOS device. Just connect your device to iTunes. Once connected, iTunes will automatically copy all the logs from your device. Once you remove your device, you will see no more crash reports are there under “Diagnostic & Usage data”.

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