Disabling Auto-Lock feature on iOS 9.2 prevents your iOS device from getting locked automatically. Here are the steps on How to Disable Auto-Lock on iOS 9.2:

  1. Open your device, Tap Settings -> Auto-LockDisable Auto-Lock on iOS
  2. Select the Never under Auto-Lock settingsAuto-Lock Setting iOS

Where Auto-Lock feature is Disabled?

As evident from the feature’s name, Auto-Lock feature is used we do not want our device to get locked. On Industrial level, this feature used while automation testing of the User interface of an iOS application. During an automation testing, certain commands are passed through the automation tool like SeeTest tool to the device. These commands are mostly automated-touch commands written in the codes in the background.

If testing of an iOS device lasts for more than let’s say one hour, then we do not have the option disabling the Auto-Lock feature of our iOS device for more than an hour. In that case, we disable the Auto-Lock feature forever. So that the device does not get locked in between the automation testing. This is the reason we Disable Auto-Lock on iOS devices.

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