Sometimes you need to add new keyboard on iPad or on your other iOS devices. On your iPad, you are suggested many kinds of keyboards depending upon the country you are from. iOS also suggests from local keyboards as well. So here are the steps on:

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How to add new iPad keyboard:

  1. Go to Settings and Tap on General. Then scroll down and Tap on ‘Keyboard’
    iPad settings
  2. Tap on ‘Keyboards’
    How to Change Keyboard layout on iPad (iOS) (2)
  3. Tap on ‘Add New Keyboard’
    How to Change Keyboard layout on iPad (iOS) (3)
  4. Choose from the list of Keyboards

    How To Add New ipad Keyboard
  5. Now you can see the recently chosen Keyboard under Keyboards. In this case, English (UK) was chosen.New iPad Keyboard

When for the first time iPad is turned on, iPad asks the user to select the language of the iPad. However, a new keyboard can still be added using the above steps.

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