You must have seen people using left or right swipe options to manage Emails on their iOS devices like iPhone. Ever wondered how people manage emails by swiping. Swiping options save a lot of work by not going to tap on Individual menu and mark every item individually. Here are the steps on Email Swipe options on iOS to manage your emails using left or right swipe:

Step 1: Go to settings of your iOS device

iPhone settings

Step 2: Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calender” under settings

Mail, Contacts, Calender iOS settings

Step 3: Tap on “Swipe options” to manage swipe options for your emails

Swipe options iOS

Once you click on the Swipe options, you will two Swipe options under this setting i.e. Swipe left and Swipe right.

Step 4: Tap on Swipe left

Swipe left options on iOS for emails

┬áStep 5: Select one of the options under Swipe left. For example, if you want your Emails to be done nothing when you swipe left, tap on ‘None’. Similarly for the ‘Mark as read’ option.

iOS left swipe options for Emails

Similarly, you can do for the right swipe.

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