Display zoom in iOS for mobile automation testing is important for iOS devices. A mobile automation tool is run to test the UI functionality of an app. To run an automation testing on a mobile app, a mobile’s display is mapped against the automation testing tool. Automation tool identifies the different user interfaces of a mobile in terms of headers, texts and other elements etc. This functionality is also used in Voiceover in iPhone. Automation codes are written in different scripting and programming languages like C++, Vb.net, pearl etc. These programming languages issue commands to the Automation tools as of what to do and this is how automation testing is done on mobile phones and mainly on apps.

While android faces no difficulty in mapping the mobile phone screen resolution to the automation testing tool whereas iOS devices face that issue. These problems come mostly because of the display zoom. So, if you are facing some issues with your automation tool, for example, Seetest automation tool, here is how you check with display zoom in iOS for mobile automation testing.

Step 1: Go to the settings of your iPhone

iPhone settings

Step 2: Go to “Display & Brightness” under settings

Display and brightness iPhone settings

Step 3: Tap on “View” and it will take you to the display zoom screen

Display zoom in mobile automation testing for iPhoneIf you look at the picture above, you will see that when the iPhone is in zoomed mode, the automation testing tool is unable to recognize the display of the iPhone in complete resolution. However, in this case if you do standard zoom then automation testing tool will start recognizing the iOS device.

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Thus, Display Zoom in iOS for Mobile Automation Testing needs to be taken care in the manner shown above.

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