I have heard from many iPhone users about confusion in turning on flash and HDR on iPhone camera. Before I begin, I would like to add some notes about camera flash and hdr in ios camera.

  • Camera flash and HDR by default comes with auto mode.
  • HDR cannot be turned on when the flash of the camera is working. That means HDR mode only works when the camera flash is off.
  • Auto mode is shown in white color, forced/ selected option is shown in yellow color and unselected mode is shown by a cross.

You will get more clarified later in this post. Here are the steps on-

How to turn on flash and HDR on iPhone camera:

Step 1: Open iPhone camera. You will see the flash and HDR options at the top. Flash is represented by the flash symbol.

flash and HDR on iphone camera

Step 2: Tap on the flash icon. Once tapped, you will three flash options, “Auto”, “on” and “off”. By default, “Auto” mode will be on.

flash and HDR on iphone camera

apple highlights the currently selected option with yellow fonts. In the case above, auto mode is selected and flash symbol is highlighted white. Once you tap on “On” option here then flash will turn yellow. As mentioned above, this is because flash is now selected. For more refer the below picture for the same.

flash and HDR on iphone camera

With forced flash on iPhone camera, HDR is turned off.

Step 3: Tap on HDR to turn on this feature on iPhone camera.

flash and HDR on iphone camera

Once HDR is selected, flash is automatically turned off on iPhone camera. However, both flash and HDR can be turned off together.

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flash and HDR on iphone camera

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