Due to burning sensation in my fingertips caused due to MacBook’s touchpad, I bought magic mouse and thought of writing this small article on how to install / pair / configure /connect magic mouse or magic trackpad with Mac. Steps are same, regardless of whether you have MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac.

Magic mouse and track pad are wireless mouse and they are connected though bluetooth. So you’ll have to turn on bluetooth of both of your devices. Follow these three simple steps to connect magic mouse / trackpad with Mac

Step 1: Turn on the bluetooth of your Mac.

Step 2: Turn on the bluetooth of your magic mouse or trackpad.

Step 3: Go to bluetooth preferences, and there you’ll see trackpad / mouse. Click on “Pair”

connect magic mouse

Once your magic mouse / trackpad is connected with your mac, you can see green light under the mouse.

That’s it!! you are good to go.

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