On iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, we run many applications which uses iPhone app features access like microphone, camera, mobile data, background app refresh features etc. We also know that iOS users complain of battery life. So, if we are able to manage the different features’ access or permissions given to an individual app, we could be able to save a significant amount of battery. Here are the steps on-

How to Manage iPhone app features access

  1. Go to Settings and scroll until the bottom when you see all the apps listed under the settings.

    iPhone app features access

  2. Tap on an app

    iPhone app features access

    In this case, we chose skype. You can see the “Allow Skype to Access” option.

  3. Turn on/ off the feature’s access given to an app.

  4. Turn off the individual feature’s access given to an app.

You can do the same for most of your least used apps. Turning off the mobile data and background app refresh features for an app save significant amount of the battery in iOS devices. If you are interested in know about what is background app refresh? Click here.

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