There are many applications like skype, google talk, google maps, chrome, weather etc. in our apple devices like iPhone, iPad which needs access to our apple device features like iPhone camera privacy, microphone privacy, location services etc. Here are the steps on-

How to manage iPhone camera privacy option?

  1. Go to settings.

    iPhone camera privacy

  2. Tap on Privacy under settings option

    iPhone camera privacy

    Under the privacy option, you will see different features of your apple device like location services, camera etc. which are accessed by different applications.

  3. Tap on an iOS feature (here camera)

    iPhone camera privacy

As you can see above, Skype is allowed to access my camera. so Turn it off here, if you want Skype not to access your camera. Next time, when you will launch skype, It will automatically ask if you allow skype to access your camera and you can grant the access that time.

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