One of the latest and coolest features which come integrated with ios 9.2 is the cool wallpapers given by apple to the iPhone as well as mac users. These wallpapers include dynamic wallpapers as well standard and still wallpapers. iPhone users often ask for how to change wallpaper on iPhone. Here are the steps on-

How to change wallpaper on iPhone

  1.  Go to iPhone’s settings.

    iphone setting

  2. Tap on “Wallpaper” to goto wallpaper settings. Here you can see how a wallpaper looks in the background as well.

    iphone wallpaper


  3. Tap on “Choose a new wallpaper” to see all the default apple wallpapers. You can also scroll through them.


  4. Tap on a wallpaper thumbnail to select and preview a wallpaper.

    iphone wallpaper preview

  5. Tap on “Set” to set the wallpaper on selected screens of your iPhone.


Under this option, you can choose the wallpaper on your lock screen, home screen or on both places.

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