Talking with Siri has always been fun. What is you change Siri Voice? Would not that be fun? You ask questions and Siri replies. Ever wondered how to change gender, voice and even accent of Siri on iPad? Follow the steps below on-

How to change Siri voice:

  1. Go to iPhone’s settings.

    iphone setting

  2. Tap on “General” to go to General settings.


  3. Tap on Siri. After you tap on Siri, you will see language, Siri voice options under it. Select any of the choices.

    Siri option

  4. There are 3 different accents i.e. “American”, “Australian” and “British”. To choose any accent, just tap on it.

    siri voice

Under the Siri voice option, you can change the accent and gender of Siri. Play siri in your iphone and enjoy the change.

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