There has been a lot of talk about iOS background app refresh feature in ios devices. People askĀ a lot of queries about this. Like is it good to be left turned on? Or instead, background app refresh should always be turned off. I am going to explain this feature, advantages and disadvantages, And how to use this iOS feature optimally.

What is iOS Background App Refresh?

Background App Refresh is an iOS feature which allows an app to refresh their content when on wifi or cellular, or use location services, in the background.

Let’s say you are using facebook, google map and skype altogether on your iOS device. Notifications keeps on coming when facebook is on; when using google map to find a direction your GPS location or iOS’ location services run; Same applies to the Skype that microphone and camera of your device are used when using skype.

Unlike android, iOS has a different way to kill the applications. When not used, these applications go in the background. If “Background App Refresh” feature is turned on in your iOS device, these applications will keep on consuming data and hence your battery as well. For example, if you leave your facebook in background with “Background app refresh” turned on, unknown to you a lot of cellular/ wifi data will be used in the background to keep your facebook notifications updated in the background. So that when you open your facebook account again, iOS does not have to resync the data and update your notifications.

iOS background App Refresh

How to turn off Background App refresh?

Well, it depends. But, there are some thumb rules which you can use while using this feature of iOS. You can turn on Background app refresh feature when:

  • Your device is connected to wifi
  • Your device is plugged into a power source
  • You are using a particular app very actively
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In other cases, like low battery or on cellular data, it is not advisable to use background app refresh feature. As when turned on, it consumes more battery.

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