If you recently switched to Mac, then these unknown features can increase your productivity and save your valuable time. Below are some hidden features of Mac and I’ll keep them updating.

1. Hide & Unhide Dock

Dock takes sizable amount of your lower screen and when you want to go full screen, it might come into your way. So to hide and unhide “Dock” press “(Command + Option + D).

2. Quick ScreenShots

If you want to take screenshot without installing any extra application software, you can do so using (Command + Shift + 4)

3. Quick Calculator

Most of you have been already using “spotlight search”, but you probably would had never used calculator in spotlight search. Yes, you can do it. Just press “Command + Space bar” and type your arithmetic¬†expression.

4. Grouping files into folder

Sometimes desktop becomes filled with all kind of important and useless files, and you just want it clean, to do that select files which you want to move into folder, right click and choose “new folder with selected items”

5. Tab Management

Managing tabs sometimes becomes a tedious task when you are working with too many applications or when many windows are open. You can switch them by “Command + Tab” and while you are holding “command” key, you can press “H” to hide and “Q” to quit any application or window.



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