Mozilla Firefox for mac is a cross-platform web browser which uses Gecko web browser engine. Mozilla Firefox is one of the must have browsers for mac. Firefox is the third popular web browser and has around 20% usage share in web browsers.

  • Recently, in terms of privacy, Firefox was voted most trusted browser for privacy.
  • Rather than providing all the features in the standard distribution, users can customize firefox according to their requirement. Firefox is easier to customize and it is much more flexible than earlier.
  • In the independent benchmark and performance tests conducted by Tom’s Hardware Web Browser Grand Prix XVI, Firefox was found to be fastest web browser, here are the test results

Download & Install Mozilla Firefox for Mac:

  1. Go to the official download page of Firefox, and download firefox for mac
  2. Locate the downloaded file that should mostly be in your download folder, double-click the downloaded file to mount the disk image or .dmg file
  3. A window appears prompting you to drag firefox download for mac to the applications folder
  4. Open Firefox*.dmg and drag “” to “Applications” folder.firefox for mac os x yosemite
  5. Launch the firefox from the applications folder, When you open firefox, you can get a warning saying “Firefox is an application downloaded from the internet, are you sure you want to open it?”, ignore the warning and click on open.
  6. Next, you’ll get an option to import your  preferences, bookmarks, history, passwords from all other browsers installed in your mac including Safari. You can choose to import, or just continue without it.

How to upgrade firefox on mac:

Sometimes, it also happens that you are an existing user of Firefox and you just want to upgrade to the latest version of the firefox.

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To know how to update or upgrade to the latest version of the Firefox, follow this linkOnce you have installed the Firefox, you can make it as your default browser as well.

Main features of Firefox:

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Pop-up blocking
  • Private browsing (like incognito mode in Chrome)
  • Customizable download manager
  • Live bookmarks to monitor changes to news source
  • Find as you type

Apart from these which are present in almost all browsers, you can find add-ons and extensions in Mozilla marketplace. If you have any issue or suggestion please let me know by posting them in comments. Enjoy 🙂

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