SoundCloud is popular online audio distribution site, where user can upload, create, share and promote their sound tracks. SoundCloud gets around 200millions listeners monthly.  SoundCloud is awesome which provides a lot of features to the user but there is no feature to download a song or music track.

So we are going to discuss how to download SoundCloud tracks in Mac OS X (10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks or any older version of OS X ).

SoundCloud Downloader for Mac OS X, iOS

We are going to use to download music tracks, songs from is a online tool (SoundCloud Downloader Online) to download from Using you can download soundcloud mp3 tracks to your Mac OS X and iOS.

How to download MP3 tracks from SoundCloud (SoundCloud Downloader for Mac OS X, iOS ):

Step 1: Play any song/music track on and copy url/link. Example:

Step 2: Go to, and paste the link of the track which you want to download. Click “Download” button (soundcloud downloader will find your music track link).

Step 3: Now again click “Download Sound Track” button to directly save mp3 track to your Mac or iOS device. You can also see the size of the track specified.

download from

If you use Google Chrome browser, you can add SoundCloud Downloader Chrome Extension to it, so that you don’t have to visit again. Or just click “Add this to Google Chrome” button, as you can see in above image.

Do let me know by posting comments if you have any issue while downloading any track from soundcloud or any suggestions.

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