SoundCloud is audio sharing site where user can create, upload, listen and share music tracks/songs. In some of the soundcloud tracks are downloadable by default(if creator choose it to be), others are not. For downloading tracks from, there are couple of web applications available eg.

In these applications you just enter the link of soundcloud track, and it grabs the direct link of the media file in SoundCloud’s server, which when you click downloads the music track/ song to your computer/device.

But what if you want to download the full playlist(which might contain 100’s of songs), you’ll have to go through each tracks link, paste and download it manually.

Solution to this problem is, its a soundcloud playlist downloader, which allows you to download any soundcloud mp3 playlist with a single click. Since its a web application, you don’t have to install it in your device and waste your space which could be used for some other important stuff.

How to download SoundCloud Playlist with

Step 1: Grab the list of soundcloud playlist. To do this either right click playlist and copy link address or open playlist in new tab and copy the url from urlbox as demonstrated in snapshots.

Soundcloud playlist downloader


Step 2: Go to SoundCloud Playlist Downloader, paste the link and click on “Download” button.


Step 3: It grabs direct links of all the songs/tracks from the playlist, and these tracks are displayed with title. So, all you have to do is just click on the track to download it.

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Download soundcloud playlist in mac


If you have any issues while downloading or any suggestions please let me know by posting comments.

Enjoy 🙂

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