M 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal

Recently, a small country in the lap of Himalayas was struck by mighty earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on a Richter scale. Death toll has crossed over 1500. Cellular services has been disrupted. But people who are using Facebook are marking themselves and their friends as safe.

My cook is Nepali and few days ago, I helped him create his Facebook account(he is not much educated). Fortunately his daughters are active on Facebook. I knew about the this app by Facebook and asked him to open his facebook account, and there he saw his daughter has marked herself safe in “safety check app”. I explained him the meaning of all this and later in the evening when he was able to talk to them over phone, he came to know that all his family members are safe and there are less casualties in terms of property and lives in his hometown as compared to other place.

Safety Check by Facebook

safety check by facebook

Facebook launched safety check app for people who might be affected by natural disaster. During any kind of disaster the main problem for people is to ensure the safety of their family friends and loved one. Cellular services often are of no help because of destruction caused by the disaster, and it is pretty much impossible for an affected person to call everyone and inform them about of his/her safety. Method that would work in this kind of situation is broadcasting of the message

So Facebook developed “Safety Check app” which lets user mark himself/herself safe and the notification goes to all friends. This way family or relatives gets the whereabouts of the person and it relieves them of unnecessary tension.

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