Dropbox is file hosting service which offers cloud storage, files synchronization,file sharing and personal cloud etc. Dropbox provides client software for almost all major operating systems including Mac OS X.  Dropbox is written in Python and Go programming language and recently Dropbox hired Python’s designer Guido van Rossum who earlier used to work in Google.

Dropbox has three plans:

  • Dropbox Basic- (Free with 2GB of storage)
  • Dropbox Pro- ($9.99/month with 100GB of storage)
  • Dropbox for business ($15/user/month with as much storage that you need)

Dropbox is available for almost all versions of Mac OS X including Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

How to install Dropbox for Mac OS X

  1. Go to Dropbox and create your account.
  2. Select your plan and download dropbox for mac, “DrpboxInstaller.dmg” file
  3. Open DropboxInstaller.dmg file and Click on Dropbox icon, it will download the Dropbox and follow the instruction to install it in your mac.

You also need to sign in to the dropbox account. and after that a folder named “Dropbox” will be created in your mac where you can place your documents.

Install Dropbox mac yosemite

For normal users Dropbox basic is enough for storing important file and documents in the cloud, however you can earn more space by referring Dropbox to other friends/users or you can upgrade to Dropbox Pro anytime.

Dropbox creates a folder in your computer/phone or in any other device where you install dropbox. So all you need to do is place all your important documents in the dropbox folder and it will automatically synchronize your dropbox folder in all other devices where you had installed dropbox.

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Apart from this, you can also share any folder with other dropbox users which means if any of you put any file in that folder it will sync in other person’s dropbox. Dropbox also allows you to create a link to any document in dropbox folder for sharing it on the internet.


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