Does your fingers hurt /burn or do you feel any burning sensation while you use MacBook’s trackpad?
Just after using my MacBook for couple of months I started feeling burning sensation in my fingertips. First I thought its because macbook is getting heated  while charger is plugged in, but then I realized even when charger is not connected I’m feeling burning sensation in my fingertips. I had used Dell Inspiron 1525 for 3 years then Dell Latitude E5440l for a year but never felt this kind of burning pain/sensation in my fingers.

As you start using MacBook, you won’t feel sensation in your fingers immediately, but with regular use of the trackpad, burning sensation increases gradually reaching a limit where you can’t even feel like touching your trackpad. And later can cause you “Paresthesia” which causes improper functioning of neurons & poor circulation.

MacBook touchpad burning fingers

It is a serious health issue which might cause serious skin problems, Apple should do some research & take care of it as soon as possible. The problem is not only in MacBook Pro & MacBook Air but also in iPhone, iPad etc (where you touch the device using naked fingers).

Reasons that cause burning sensation in fingers

  • One of the reason for burning sensation in fingertips is because of some kind of radiations being emitted from inside macbook as the battery is placed under trackpad.
  • Chemical substance used for coating its aluminum body and glass in Apple products including Macbook. This allergy develops after prolonged exposure of fingertips to this coating.
  • Another reason is over heating of the MacBook.
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Solution for burning fingertips caused by trackpad in MacBook /iPhone /iPad:

There is no direct solution from Apple, but there are some work arounds which might be helpful.

  1. Use TouchScreen gloves. These touchscreen gloves avoids direct contact of your finger with the trackpad/ iPhone /iPad screen and will reduce your burning sensation. Below is the collection of touchscreen gloves from Amazon. They are effective & costs less, so you can definitely try out any one of these.
  2. Use Apple’s Magic mouse for MacBook Pro  and MacBook Air. If burning sensation /pain is unbearable in your fingers than you should use this Magic mouse.

Don’t risk your health by exposing your fingers to MacBook touchpad. Hope burning sensation in your fingertips reduces. Enjoy 🙂

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