Earlier we have seen How to install VLC media player in Mac OS X in our last post, so I hope you already have vlc media player installed in your mac.

Using any application/software without keyboard shortcut sometimes becomes painful, image a situation where you have no idea about keyboard shortcuts or the hotkeys, I can bet you would wonder around toolbar and waste quite a useful time of yours doing things that you could have done within seconds with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

Using most frequent/ common vlc media player shortcuts in Mac OS X can increase the productivity many folds. Keyboard shortcuts /hotkeys for vlc media player are same in every mac OS X version i.e. OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.7 Lion etc. Below are the most frequently used vlc keyboard shortcuts for mac os x.



Fullscreen  ⌘(Command) + F
Exit Fullscreen Esc
Play/Pause Space



Faster ⌘(Command) + =
Slower ⌘(Command) + –
Next ⌘(Command) + (Right Arrow)
Previous ⌘(Command) +(Left Arrow)
Stop ⌘(Command) + .
Position T
Jump backward by about 3-4 seconds ⌘(Command) + Control + Left Arrow
Jump forward by about 3-4 seconds ⌘(Command) + Control + Right Arrow
Jump backward by about 10 seconds  ⌘(Command) + Option + Left Arrow
Jump forward by about 10 seconds  ⌘(Command) + Option + Right Arrow
Jump backward by about 1 minute  ⌘(Command) + Shift + Left Arrow
 Jump forward by about 10 minute  ⌘(Command) + Shift + Right Arrow



 Increase Volume  ⌘(Command) + Up Arrow
 Decrease Volume  ⌘(Command) + Down Arrow

These are few shortcuts for opening media file, setting aspect ration, subtitle and audio delay etc.



Aspect Ration A
Crop Screen C
Decrease Audio delay in ms F
Increase Audio delay in ms G
Decrease subtitle delay in ms H
Increase subtitle delay in ms J
Open single file  ⌘(Command)+ O
Open Advanced file ⌘(Command)  + Shift + O
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