Django is a web application framework for Python for developing web applications. Django is written in Python programming language and is open source. Based on DRY(don’t repeat yourself),reusability principles, complex web application development becomes easy in Django.

It is generally said that “Django is for perfectionists with deadline.”

Unlike Windows, development environment is like Linux in Mac OS X, so if you have been using Linux, you won’t feel any difference. Follow these steps to steup Django 1.7 on Mac OS X.

Step 1: Press “F4” and open “Terminal”

Step 2: Lets first install pip (it is used to install python packages). On the terminal type this command and when prompted for password, enter your Mac OS X (computer ) password.

sudo easy_install pip

Step 3: Now to install Django, type the command given below and then password of your mac is prompted.

sudo pip install Django

Step 4: To check which version of Django is installed in your Mac, enter this command --version

Step 5: Creating django project is easy, just type this command startproject projectname

this command will create a django project and to run this project, first navigate to project folder and then start server.

cd projectname
python runserver

No you can go to to check if it works. You’ll see something like this(django’s default page).

django default runserver



Rest of the documentation you can find here


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