Be it browsing internet,preparing some document or developing some apps, keyboard shortcuts save you a lot of time while doing any task on computer. Since the keyboard layout is same in Windows and Linux, the keyboard shortcuts are almost similar. But for Chrome keyboard shortcuts are way different for Mac OS X than Windows or Linux.

Below are the keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome in Mac OS X.


Task Keyboard shortcut
Open a new Window in the chrome browser ⌘(command) + N
Open a new Window in Incognito Mode ⌘(command) + Shift + N
Open a new Tab in same window ⌘(command) + T
Open link in new Tab ⌘(command) + Mouse Click
Open link in new Window Shift + Mouse Click
Open recently closed Tab ⌘(command) + Shift + T
Switch between Tabs in Chrome ⌘(command) + Option + (Right Arrow or Left Arrow )
Close the current Tab ⌘(command) + W
Close the current Window ⌘(command) + Shift + W
Minimize Chrome Window ⌘(command) + M
 Hide Chrome Window ⌘(command) + H
 Close Google Chrome Window ⌘(command) + Q
Open Bookmark Manager in Chrome ⌘(command) + Option +B
 Open Google Chrome Settings ⌘(command) + –
To delete browsing history ⌘(command) + Shift + Delete
 Switch between multiple logged in users ⌘(command) + Shift + M
 Web page related Chrome keyboard Shortcuts
Save your current web page  ⌘(command) + S
Print current web page  ⌘(command) + P
 Reload current web page  ⌘(command) + R
 Find any word in the web page  ⌘(command) + F
 Open Chrome developer tools  ⌘(command) + Option+I
Open JavaScript Console  ⌘(command) + Option+J
 Open Downloads page in Chrome  ⌘(command) + Shift + J
 View page source of any web page ⌘(command) + Option+U
 Bookmark any web page ⌘(command) + D
 Enlarge web page (zoom in) ⌘(command) + +
 Zoom out ⌘(command) + –
 To scroll down the web page ⌘(command) + space
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There are many other shortcuts which are left out in this article but these Chrome keyboard shortcuts for Mac are enough for a developer or any other regular user.

Enjoy 🙂


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